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How to create an Instagram filter [EN]

Instagram filter x Lightroom preset

In this little article, I would like to show you, “How to create an Instagram filter” with your Lightroom preset. It won’t be much talking, just a step by step manuel. Send me an E-Mail or a DM on Instagram, if you got any suggestions for improvement or a general feedback.

Step 1 – Preparation

1. Download the software Spark AR Studio here.

2. Download the LUT (LookUpTable) and the FastColorLUT-Patch.

Step 2 – Adobe Lightroom

1. Import the LUT into Lightroom.

2. Apply your preset on the LUT

3. Export the new LUT as PNG!

Step 3

1. Start Spark AR Studio

2. Add a new Project

Step 4

Click “Add” –> “2D Objects” –> “Canvas”

Step 5

Click “Add” –> “2D Objects” –> “Rectangle”

Step 6

Select “rectangle0” –> “Size (right side)” –> “Fill Width” & “Fill High”

Step 7

Click “Add Asset” –> “Import From Computer…” –> “Import your LUT PNG, which you exported from Lightroom”

Step 8

 Select “Your imported LUT” –> “Go to No compression (right side)” –> “Select No nompression”

Step 9

Select “rectangle0” –> “Go to Materials (right side)” –> “Press the + button next to the word Materials”

Step 10

Select “material0” –> “Go to Texture (right side)” –> “Press the arrow button next to the word Texture”

Step 11

Pull your imported LUT into the Patch Editor

Step 12

Select “Camera” –> “Go to Texture Extraction (right side)” –> “Create cameraTexture0”

Step 13

Pull the cameraTexture0 into the Patch Editor

Step 14

Click “Add Asset” –> “Import From Computer…” –> “Import the FastColorLUT-Patch” –> “Pull it in the Patch Editor”

Step 15

Connect “Your LUT with the FastColorLUT (LUT) & the cameraTexture0 with the FastColorLUT (Texture)” and connect the “FastColorLUT with material0”

Step 16

Send the Filter to your Instagram or Facebook app to give it a try

Step 17

If your happy with the result, upload the effect to the Spark AR Hub

More information

If you want to upload the effect to Instagram or Facebook, you’ll need to add a preview video! When you are trying out the filter, just make a video, safe the video and send it to your computer.

After it got accepted, you can see, how many other people have used your custom filter. 

Give it a try, it is pretty simple and straight forward, if you got a little bit of experience with Lightroom.

Hugs, Michael!